Our Approach - Bangladesh Journalists’ Foundation For Consumers And Investors (BJFCI)

Our Approach

Collaboration & Innovation to Drive Growth

Journalism should not be silent and people want to see the journalists as an “independent monitors of power, and as a “Voice to the Voiceless”. We all in the society are in a war for growth and journalism is a more immediate effective weapon. Journalists with their pens can foster consumer rights protection and promote investment, which have direct connection to economic growth.

But their weapons must be sharpened, their lives need to be stable and future should be secured with financial support to make media intervention effective. And the responsibility lies on all involved in the growth war. A collaborative working model with innovations in operation can bring tangible results and create a win-win situation that ultimately will drive growth for all.

Help Us To Help You

We all do better when we work together. Good journalism can make our world a better place and drive the growth. So, help each other and help journalist to improve skills, maintain financial stability and overcome future vulnerability through innovative programme so that journalists can work for consumers and investors- the driving forces of economic growth fearlessly and righteously.

So, our approach to all is: Help Us To Help You.