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Members Guidelines


The BJFCI Member Guidelines is a set of rules prepared by the Standing Committee, the governing body of the foundation on the basis of the Article Of Association and the Constitution of the BJFCI and approved by the General Members of BJFCI with the view to define the roles, responsibilities and rights of BJFCI membership, which are subject to change/amend/revise from time to time by the General Members of the foundation.

  1. Definition
  2. ‘Foundation’ means Bangladesh Journalists’ Foundation For Consumers And Investors (BJFCI).
  3. ii) Here consumer means poor and low income people who belong to the definition of consumers described in The Consumer Rights Protection Act of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

iii)         Here Journalist means professional who works in newspaper/media full time and as per definition of The Printing, Press and Publication Act 1973.

  1. iv) ‘Standing Committee’ means the Executive Committee or the Governing Committee or the board of the foundation constituted under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act 21 of 1860) by the General Members.
  2. v) “General Member” means the general body member of the Foundation, who subscribed membership and pay monthly subscription regularly and “Member” means “Ordinary Member” of the foundation.

vi).       BJFCI Members means all categories of members of the Foundation-General Member, Associate Member, Ordinary Member, Honorary Member and Honorary Life Member as described in the Constitution of the BJFCI under section-5 with headline Categories of Members.

vii).      The National Organising Committee (NOC) means a 33 member committee formed by the Standing Committee comprising of Ordinary Members and Associate Members of BJFCI to achieve the foundation’s objectives engaging complying to the Article of Association and the Constitution of the BJFCI & the BJFCI Member Guidelines.

Viii). NOC member means Ordinary Member and Associate Member of BJFCI who will be the key driving forces of BJFCI and take part in BJFCI programmes and projects.

ix). BJFCI Release means news/articles/features/survey news/press release/ photos prepared by BJFCI office and delivered by BJFCI office.

x). Contact with the foundation means active participation in BJFCI’s programmes, cover BJFCI news, press release, attendance in BJFCI meetings and response to official call from BJFCI chairman and Secretary General or any other General Member.

  1. Working environment of the foundation:
  2. Members and Associate Members will enjoy equal status and same working environment in BJFCI and be able to take part in any projects and programmes of BJFCI. But only working journalists will be eligible to enjoy financial aid/ honorarium/financial assistance from BJFCI. Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members will participate in BJFCI programmes as guests honor and guide other members as Advisors and will be the Member of BJFCI Advisory Council to be formed comprising of eminent personalities of the country.
  3. For any disputes, the decision of the Standing Committee would be final. The Chairman of the BJFCI reserves the rights to replace any BJFCI member any time from his post by another BJFCI Member or suspend anybody’s membership for the interest of the foundation for a period of maximum six months to keep foundation’s operations smooth, schemes and programmes viable and uphold the dignity of the foundation.
  4. Official communication of BJFCI such as delivery of notice for meetings, distribution of minutes, BJFCI News Release or press release are allowed through, e-mails, text messages over mobile phones, postal services or Courier postal services.


vii.        As per the Constitution of the BJFCI, the Chairman is the Chief Executive of the foundation and he will represent the foundation both inside and outside the office. No BJFCI member will take any donation, subscription, undue privileges or funds in any forms from others or deliver any statement in the name of BJFCI.