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BJFCI: Constitution & Rules

Names of the Foundation: Bangladesh Journalists’ Foundation For Consumers And Investors. Contact address: National Press Club, 18, Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000.

  1. Working Area of the Foundation: Working area of this Foundation is the whole of Bangladesh.
  2. Type of the Foundation: This Foundation is completely a non-political, non-profit, voluntary and social welfare organisation and registered with the Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh under the Society Act XXI of 1860 with registration no: S-12960/2018.
  3. Aim of the Foundation:

To empower journalists, better address consumers concerns and promote investors for a better Bangladesh with inclusive and sustainable growth.

  1. Visions of the Foundation:

The vision of the Foundation is to develop a fair financial society protecting consumers’ rights and promoting financial inclusion and global investors for a safer, fairer and more sustainable world for consumers.

  1. Strategy of the Foundation:
  • The strategy of the Foundation is: Unite the journalists, improve their skills and help them achieve and maintain financial stability to work as an “independent monitor of powers” and a “voice to the voiceless”.
  • The BJFCI will be an excellent platform for financial and consumer journalists, who will act as a Market watch-dog body for the interest of consumers in general and financial consumers in particular and an advocate of financial education for investors, consumers and community at large.
  • Operating with the greatest possible integrity, respecting and empowering its members and being diverse and inclusive and independence from business and politics, the BJFCI will work together with non-profit consumer rights organisations, socially responsible businesses, Market analysts, economists, research organizations, socially responsible corporate bodies, international development partners, national and international organizations on journalism, innovators, investors regulators and governments for developing a global community that changes people’s lives by protecting and empowering them.
  1. Objectives of the Foundation:

The Foundation is constituted to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To organize honest, socializing, far sighted, intuitive, meritorious former and existing journalists of reputed news papers and news media and encourage them to work for the rights of consumers and promote investors with the view to create a fair financial society and a better Bangladesh.
  2. To promote interest of the working press, radio and television news personnel fellowship, fraternity and sociability, to foster ethical standards of the profession, to support the public’s rights to know and sponsor and/or support appropriate projects aimed at community betterment like setting up journalism training institution, housing projects and old homes for the journalists.
  3. To arrange various educational programmes on financial markets, economy, regulations, innovations, digital transformations, modern banking, responsible finance and social empowerment, arrange skill development courses on financial and consumers reporting and organize events, educational tours and travels both in the country and abroad for the BJFCI members.
  4. To organize view exchange meetings and seminars on consumers’ concern issues and inclusive growth strategy with experts, economists, consumers, investors, regulators and policy makers. To conduct research and survey on products, services, markets, investment activities, credit ratings, ranking on corporate bodies, service providers and award medal the best performers to involved in banking, consumer goods producers, service providers and the journalists for their outstanding performances in consumers’ protection and contribution to the society, economy, consumers and investors.
  5. To disseminate objective unbiased market information through newsletter, books, magazine, television, media broadcast guidebooks and publications like monthly, fortnightly magazine, special supplements in collaboration with reputed magazine or news papers/media to educate, guide and raise voice for consumers protection and interest of investors.
  6. To raise voice for the rights of consumers and interest of investors through various peaceful programmes like silent processions, view exchange meetings, seminars, posters, booklets, tv programmes etc
  7. To promote financial and economic journalism in the country by setting up independent training institute, inspire the journalists for their outstanding works and performance as reporter or editor on issues that have big impact on consumers, financial markets, economic growth, small investors and inclusive growth as a whole.
  8. To empower financial consumers and small investors imparting education and know how to remain safe from exploitations and increasing financial literacy for access to finance and informed investment decisions. To promote growth finance sector promoting micro finance, financial inclusion and mobile financial services as new financially-viable asset class, targeting start-up and growing enterprises.
  1. To promote foreign investors, inspire innovations that improve the lives of people, uncover new market-based solutions that can support poverty reduction, support people achieve financial independence and deliver significant impact on a global scale. To promote new solutions to global development challenges and development issues related to access to energy, access to finance, access to health etc, sustainable mobility and job creation etc.
  1. To provide financial assistance to critically ill journalist who is the member of the Foundation for better treatment and his/her family members in case of his/her early death. To support the member journalist who have been sacked from his/her job for his/her works/report for consumers and investors and ethical stand. To support efficient and honest journalists particularly unemployed BJFCI members through various income generating projects on news and information.
  2. To establish an appropriate forum for the press & Media peoples to ensure media freedom and safety of journalists, concerns of consumers and investors driven by regulatory impacts and a Knowledge Centre of working journalists, conscious consumers and serious investors facilitating the compilation, processing and dissemination of information and arranging roundtable, face to face dialogue, print media dialogue on serious concerns related to consumers, investors, financial inclusion, innovation, technology disruption, banking, insurance, industry, economy etc.
  3. To promote friendly contact among the journalists, entrepreneurs, consumers, investors, industry leaders, regulators and policy makers of Bangladesh through various programmes. To generate absolute patriotism among the journalist’s class and media people to uphold the greater national interest and uphold the ideology of the great Liberation war-1971 and work together for strengthening national unity.
  4. To take part in any distress situations and take up relief and rehabilitation programs. To celebrate national and international days with proper dignity and arrange healthy recreational pursuits.
  5. National Organising Committee (NOC)
  6. The National Organising Committee in short NOC is a body and to be formed by the Standing Committee comprising of BJFCI members to achieve the foundation’s objectives complying to the BJFCI Constitution, Article of Association of BJFCI & BJFCI Member Guidelines to implement the programmes. The NOC body will be formed for 12 months (one year) with maximum 33 BJFCI Members comprising of all catagories of members of BJFCI.


  1. For any vacant post of NOC member, new member might be included any time as per the approval of the Standing Committee in line with the Constitution of BJFCI. The decision of the Standing Committee regarding the NOC body as per the constitution would be final.


  1. The NOC body will propose, initiate and implement various programmes, functions and projects of BJFCI and expand its activities in line with its aims and objectives. The NOC will run its operations under the Guidelines given below herewith and may be amended from time to time by the BJFCI authority as per the Article of Association & Constitution of BJFCI.


  1. The NOC body may be formed in divisional towns with Editors, News Editors and Chief reporters of reputed and regularly publshed dailies and weeklies from districts and upzila sadar under separate guidelines to be announced by the Standing Committee, which would be identified as BJFCI Unit.


  1. The 33-member NOC committee shall be formed with 01 Chairman and 05 Vice Chairmen, 01 Secretary General, 03 Joint Secretary General, 01 Secretary- Research and Education, 02 Joint Secretary- Research and Education, 01 Secretary-Finance and Aid, 02 Secretary-Finance and Aid, 01 Secretary-Women Empowerment, 02 Joint Secretary-Women Empowerment, 01 Secretary- International, 02 Joint Secretary- International and 11 members.


  1. BJFCI reserves the rights to cancel membership or replace any post of NOC members by another member without showing any reasons thereof, if, he/she remains inactive and contactless with BJFCI for maximum 6-months and fail or deny to perform BJFCI assignments; or lose membership as per the Constitution.


  1. The Chairman, 03 Vice Chairmen, Member Secretary of the Standing Committee of BJFCI shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Member Secretary of NOC body as per the Constitution.

H.The NOC body may form units in divisional towns in Bangladesh comprising of journalists of reputed news papers/media published from localities under separate guidelines and the number of members of each body will not exceed 15.

  1. The BJFCI may initiate different projects to empower BJFCI members and appoint a Director against fixed Honorarium for each projects selected from NOC members on the basis of efficiency, dedication, expertise and engagement with BJFCI activities.
  2. The BJFCI may employ efficient, dedicated and active members of NOC body against fixed honorariums to implement its programmes, projects and run the organizational functions.
  3. BJFCI Members

Any working journalist of reputed news paper/ media, former journalist working in media and Communication/ Public Relation departments of reputed institutions and serious consumers and investors involved in consumer rights movements, research on issues on consumers, investors and inclusive growth, keeping in unison with the aims, visions and objectives of the Foundation and interested to work in line with the Article of Association & Constitution to achieve the objectives of BJFCI abide by the rules set in the BJFCI Member guidelines are eligible to apply for BJFCI Membership.

All categories of members of the BJFCI shall pay respect to each other and shall be abide by the rules & regulations of BJFCI and instructions/decisions/notice served by the Standing Committee from time to time in any manner. Categories of NOC Members are as follows:

  1. Member:

Any working journalists of news paper/media maintaining same views with the objectives of the Foundation and binding by undertaking to abide by the rules of the Foundation, desiring to becoming a member will be a Member of the BJFCI as per final decision of the Standing Committee through filing application printed by the Foundation.

  1. Associate Member:

Any former journalists who are working in Public Relation/Communication departments of reputed company/institutions maintaining same views with the objectives of the Foundation and binding by undertaking to abide by the rules of the Foundation, desiring to becoming a member will be elected as Associate Member of the BJFCI as per final decision of the Standing Committee through filing application printed by the Foundation.

  1. Honorary Life Member:

Any of the persons making a donation of at least Tk. 5,00,000 (Five Lac) or properties worth equivalent amount will become Honorary member. Also a person, irrespective of birth and residence, paying a minimum amount of Tk. 5,00,000/- (five Lac) at a time or unconditionally to the Foundation may be nominated as a life/donating members. And have not to pay monthly subscriptions, positions of the both honorary and life members are ornamental and prestigious. The members will be invited to special functions.

  1. Honorary Member:

Any of the persons making a donation of at least Tk. 2,00,000 (Two Lac) or properties worth equivalent amount will become Honorary member. Also a person, irrespective of birth and residence, paying a minimum amount of Tk. 2,00,000/- (Two Lac) at a time or unconditionally to the Foundation may be nominated as a life/donating members. And have not to pay monthly subscriptions, positions of the both honorary and life members are ornamental and prestigious. The members will be invited to special functions.

Editors of national dailies published from the capital city Dhaka who have filed application for BJFCI membership need not to pay any donation or subscription as per the decision of the Standing Committee.  They will attend the meetings of NOC body as Guest of Honor to advise and guide BJFCI members achieve the objectives.

  1. Cancellation of membership

Any member of any category may retire voluntarily.

  1. For General Members, subscription falling arrears for the time over 1 (One) year.

III. Remaining absent consecutively from three meetings without showing any cause.

  1. Working against interests of the Foundation, any BJFCI member or any strategic partner of the foundation and act against the any by law/rule of the foundation and against any rule as described in this guidelines titled Transparency, Objectivity and Accuracy.
  2. On death, lunacy, insolvency or guilty adjudged by court.
  3. On proof of involvement in any act subversive of the state or for any report and act against promotion of investments or against interest of consumers.

VII. As per other reasons mentioned in the rules of any committee/sub- committee and in the Article of Association & Constitution of BJFCI

VIII. Membership will automatically cease to exist if contact with Foundation remain cut off for a period not exceeding 6 (Six) months or fail to carry the Foundation’s assignments or deny to publish news/reports/articles released by the Foundation or prepared by himself/herself for the interest of consumers and investors in his/her or any other news media/publication for consecutive three items.

  1. If any BJFCI Member act any riles of the BJFCI Member Guidelines given herewith below as Annex-1.
  2. Revival of Membership:

On submission of necessary bond with stamp and the application showing causes leading to cancellation of membership, along with a fee to Tk. 5000/- (Five Thousand) for revival of membership and arrear subscriptions (if any), to the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Foundation, membership may be revived on consideration by the Standing Committee of the Foundation later.

  1. Transparency, Objectivity and Accuracy
  2. The Foundation will ensure that the financial support, grant and other financial accommodations to the journalists selected on the basis of standard eligibility are rightly disbursed to the appropriate ones.
  3. The foundation will form different committees/sub committees comprising of efficient, honest and dedicated members and experts in the related fields to ensure transparency, accuracy and objectivity of information and decisions in case of research, survey, ranking and credit ratings, selection of awards etc and all decisions, observations and deliberations conducted by the committees must follow international standard methodology/rules/formats and shall be approved by the Standing Committee.
  4. Any decision taken by any committee/sub-committee/ organizing body or units or project committees of the Foundation shall be approved by the Standing Committee, otherwise, the decision would be ineffective and invalid.
  5. Meetings:
  6. At least two (two) NOC meeting will be held in a year. The Secretary General, with permission of the Chairman, will convene meeting on minimum seven days notice. But in emergency situation the Chairman or the Secretary General subject to the permission of the Chairman may convene a meeting at twenty four hours notice.
  7. Quorum of the meeting will form with presence of one-third of members of the NOC body and all decisions, plans or programs will be taken by simple majority votes.

C.BJFCI Chairman and Secretary General can call urgent meeting of the NOC body giving 12 hours prior notice through e-mail and mobile phone message for urgent measures for the betterment of the BJFCI.