About BJFCI - Bangladesh Journalists’ Foundation For Consumers And Investors (BJFCI)


Journey towards A fair Financial society

Bangladesh Journalists’ Foundation For Consumers & Investors-BJFCI is a unique platform of journalists who are working together with consumers and investors to build a fair financial society for a better Bangladesh promoting consumer rights movements, inclusive investment & fearless financial journalism.

With an approach of collaboration through innovations, BJFCI seeks to lead journalism in a judicious manner to create a ecosystem that build journalists as an “independent monitor of powers” and a “voice to the voiceless” to foster consumer rights movements and promote inclusive investments that ultimately would create a win-win situation for all and drive the growth.

In 2008, BJFCI started its journey as a forum of journalists. In 2018 it turned into a foundation and made debut on February 01, 2018 in a big gathering of senior working journalists of leading dailies and media, researchers, potential investors and social workers at the National Press Club, Dhaka.  It is duly registered with the Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh under the Society Act 1860, as a non-profit organisation.


We all people are consumers. A fair financial society and inclusive economic growth can ensure social justice and protect our rights. To build a fair financial society and drive the growth, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon. And we all can do better if we work together.

We believe that economic growth and social justice are indispensable for the achievement and maintenance of peace and security within and among nations and these cannot be attained in the absence of peace and security or in the absence of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms particularly consumer rights protection.

We believe that globalization and interdependence are opening new opportunities through trade, investment and digital transformations for the growth of the world economy to improve living standards of people around the world.

But there remain serious challenges, including serious financial crises, consumer rights violation, exclusion, poverty and inequality within and among societies. Here the role of media should be like an “independent monitor of powers” and a “voice to voiceless”.

We believe that efficient and fearless journalism can remove barriers through efficient media intervention to further integration and full participation in the global economy for developing countries like Bangladesh. Here collaboration and innovations can bring the tangible result.

Journalists’ main goal is to ensure the right of citizens to truthful and important information, which allows them to form adequate impression about social processes, their essence and importance, about the situation in the modern world.